- an MRS instance

Search among 250k+ Matrix rooms on 7k+ servers

How to add your server's public rooms to the index

Use POST `/discover/server_name` endpoint, here is example using an `` homeserver:

curl -X POST

If your server publishes room directory over federation and has public rooms within the directory, they will appear in the search index after the next full reindex process (should be run daily).

Please keep in mind that to have a room indexed, you have to:

  1. Explicitly mark a room federatable when creating it
  2. Explicitly mark a room as public in room settings
  3. Explicitly publish a room in the room directory
  4. Explicitly publish your room catalog over federation

Why my server and its public rooms aren't discovered/parsed/included?

Your server must publish public rooms over federation (`/_matrix/federation/v1/publicRooms` endpoint), eg:

I get error on public rooms endpoint, something like:

"errcode":"M_FORBIDDEN","error":"You are not allowed to view the public rooms list of"

In that case you should adjust your server's configuration. For synapse, you need to add the following config options in the homeserver.yaml:

allow_public_rooms_over_federation: true

in case of and mdad, add the following to your vars.yml:

matrix_synapse_allow_public_rooms_over_federation: true